Thursday, 29 June 2017

Gallery Yamaki Fine Art - Kazuyo KINOSHITA Another Existence

Paintings by Kazuyo Kinoshita Gallery Yamaki Fine Art 

This current exhibition or what one might call a survey by the late and very talented Kazuyo Kinoshita takes one on a journey (in the later stages of the exhibition)  after one has been told they've cancer and the news is not all that wonderful. 

It is a amazing to see an artist who so unselfishly has been brave enough, despite her suffering to take us on her own individual voyage into uncharted personal aesthetic horizons that one can see within these painting on show.

Artist's deal with death in different ways. For example, Claude Monet painted his wife Camille Doncieux as she was dying and became interested by the shifting hues, tones and contrasts on her face, as her life was fading from her. 

Picasso is another artist who started his blue period of painting over the grief he suffered from the the death of his friend Carles Casagemas, who committed suicide after a rebuff from a woman he was madly in love with at the time.

And here in Kinoshita's poignant survey in the latter parts of the exhibition, after she has realised what the outcome of the cancer diagnosis was , meaning she will eventually leave this world as we all do, brings the artist to paint into mirrors, like a endless void, the experience of looking into two mirrors and seeing what one could call infinity but somewhere in that endless perspective, your existence stops. 

This exhibition by Kinoshita doesn't provide any solutions to the after life only a trek to the door that one must through for the moment but  it does leave me with thoughts about the current advances of medical technology and artificial intelligence interacting with our brains, for one feels there is the possibility that we may be kept alive in some form, forever and maybe the Matrix movie is closer than you think.

This is a very interesting and thought provoking  exhibition about life and death at Gallery Yamaki Fine Art  which is a credit to the late artist Kinoshita, please click on the link to find out more about the gallery and if your in Kobe do take a look!